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OTR tyres shipped worldwide from quality brands like Yokohama, Michelin, Bridgestone or GoodYear: we supply all brands and types of tyres for earthmover machines.

OTR tyres for loader, dump truck, crane or any other kind of earthmover machine? We are the professional tyre company (since 2000) specialized in earthmover tyres of the major OTR tyres producers in all types and sizes. Different tyres in the most common sizes and brands, such as Yokohama, Michelin, Bridgestone and GoodYear are always in stock and available in our warehouse in Belgium, Europe, ready to be shipped.  We can ship new earthmover tyres, used and part worn earthmover tyres, retreaded earthmoving tyres and solid loader tyres to any location in the world. 

Our offer:

✔ A big choice of OTR Tyres and Industrial tyres
✔ 10.000 OTR Tyres in stock at our warehouse
✔ Worldwide shipping
✔ New and part worn tyres
✔ Tyres in all premium brands
✔ Professional advise + service: mounting, repair and vulcanising

Loader tyres and OTR tyres in Stock

We have all kinds of OTR tyres and Industrial Tires for in stock and for sale in our warehouse in Dilsen-Stokkem, Belgium. We can transport and ship worldwide from the main ports of Antwerp and Rotterdam:

Correctly chosen high quality OTR tyre for the right application can help to increase, optimize and improve productivity of your company. That is why OTR tyres that are constantly overloaded and quite often run in hard working conditions have to meet very high requirements. We supply and ship OTR tyres worldwide by road or from the mainports of Antwerp and Rotterdam.

We realize that the durabilty of the tyres that are being mounted on the heavy machines can play a significant role and even be determinative in tyre's choice. That is why we pay a lot of attention to our professional technical advise when it concerns industrial and OTR tyres as the effeciency of your machine and its productivity directly depends on it.  

Our experienced OTR sales team is always ready to help you and would be glad to provide our best sales support.

Multi language support team can assist you in the following languages:

✔ English
✔ German
✔ Russian
✔ French
✔ Dutch

Contact us via Telephone: + or email:

We would be glad to receive your requests and answer all your questions.

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