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Solid OTR tyres

Solid OTR Tyre: most cost saving and work efficiency

Solid Tyres provide more serviceable tread life over pneumatic tyres and many users in the demolition, waste, recycling sectors, quarrying and construction sites prefer these tyres in order to eliminate downtime caused by tyre damage, save costs and get the maximum productivity for the machine

Solid OTR Tyres for hazardous environments

Solid OTR Tyres are specially crafted for industrial vehicles operating in hazardous environments such as scrap yards, slag steel mills, glass works, dumping sites, waste sites and loading fields...etc..

Pressing of Solid OTR tyres

We press solid OTR  tyres in our own press (up to size 35/65R33). 

We can retread the tyre on your own casing or already offer the retreaded tyre including the casing. We use only high quality casings of premium brands for retreading of OTR Tyres. The casings are always being inspected by our professional team before the retreading.

Contact our International team of Solid OTR tyres experts

Our multi language expert team can assist you in the following languages:

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