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Tyre Hotel

Tyre hotel

 Do you have no place to store tyres? At the tyre hotel at Maasland Banden BVBA in Dilsen-Lanklaar, Belgium, there is room for 7000+ tyres for passenger cars.

Careful storage of your car tyres at the tyre hotel:  the specially equipped warehouse used for winter tyres in summer and summer tyres in winter.

We have a large storage capacity with the newest and most modern racking systems, where the tyres are, in accordance with all the rules, carefully put in their own place and, under ideal circumstances, stored until you need them again.

Options for storing tyres:

  1. Tyres are stored separately, without rims. During tyre change, the tyres must be remounted on the original rim and balanced.
  2. Tyres are stored including rims. During tyre change, summer and winter tyres can be changed quickly.

We have expertise when it comes to all kinds of tyres and rims, from Ford to Jeep and Ferrari. In addition, there is a visual inspection, also during the change, of the operational condition and safety of the car tyres and rims.

Why store summer and winter tyres at Maasland Banden?

  • ✔ Mounting/demounting/changing by expert fitters (guarantee of quality)
  • ✔ Visual inspection of the operating condition of the tyres
  • ✔ Tyres are insured, warmed up and kept in dry storage.
  • ✔ Tyres are ready for mounting/changing according to the season.
  • ✔ Expert in both alloy rims (aluminium rims) and steel rims

We mount/demount your tyres ourselves, thereby guaranteeing optimum quality of your tyres and tyre storage. In addition, we manually clean the rims if you want us to.

Contact our experts

If you would like information on tyre storage and/or tyre changing at Maasland Banden, please contact us directly for a personalised proposal: By telephone
Via email:

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